Aspen is a private, closely held corporation with two shareholders; both of which have 25 plus years in the business and are active in the day-to-day operations. Its assets and management offices are in the cities of Calgary and Edmonton.

Aspen’s long term investment partner is a well-capitalized major Canadian pension fund with resources and expertise to invest in significant real estate portfolios.  Aspen and its partner together have completed $2 billion of acquisitions and dispositions involving 35 assets since 2005.

Aspen believes real estate is a local business which requires best in class product and personnel in the cities in which it owns assets.

Aspen has earned the reputation of being an employer of choice. The shortest tenure in the six person senior leadership team is currently nine years.

Aspen works closely with its Advisory Board comprised of three independent, highly respected and experienced professionals that provide guidance and assist management with strategy development.

The company primarily invests in downtown office buildings and in markets in which it has significant strong business relationships and knowledge. It internalizes leasing property and asset management functions, and manages only the assets that it owns.

Aspen is entrepreneurial, fleet-footed, boutique, and non-bureaucratic. The company maintains excellent relationships with its employees, tenants, advisors, agents, lenders, consultants and investment partners.

Guiding Principles

Aspen’s investment philosophy, along with its day-to-day operations are based on a number of guiding principles, categorized as follows: ownership philosophy, asset management, risk management, personnel and investment partners.

Ownership Philosophy

Aspen invests primarily in downtown office buildings where it can execute value add initiatives, whether it be active asset and property management, re-development or new development.

Aspen believes real estate is a local business and that being successful requires hands-on management, and working with top-flight professionals, who are the best in the industry, and who share Aspen’s values and principles.

A highly professional approach to business, together with extensive physical, financial, legal, and tenant due diligence, is essential on the acquisition of assets. The company has an ongoing emphasis in the re-positioning of well-located office buildings in its core markets and providing superior property management services to its tenants.

Asset Management 

Regular internal valuations and reassessment of asset strategies are conducted to ensure maximum value add opportunities are pursued.

Leases are executed with credit-worthy, top quality tenants with varying terms of maturity.

Strategic financing at conservative leverage amounts are done with institutional mortgage lenders. Such financings are arranged to align with the terms of the respective asset’s business plan.

Aspen is focused on providing the best possible customer service experience to its tenants on a daily basis through its in-house leasing and property management team. It is company’s primary goal to retain tenants and help them grow their businesses in Aspen’s portfolio.

Risk Management 

Cash balances are monitored regularly, and the company maintains a strong, healthy balance sheet, with the ability to grow the company through the acquisition of assets that fit its investment criteria.

Appropriate levels of property and liability insurance are maintained.


Aspen hires and retains employees that are consistent top performers among their industry peers. The company compensates them as leaders in the industry and provides for long-term incentives that align senior management with corporate and investment objectives.

The company provides for a highly principled, professional, ethical environment with public company discipline.

Investment Partners

Aspen aligns itself with credible, well capitalized institutional partners, which share in identical investment objectives and management philosophies.