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Calgary Tower Shines Bright

Oct 08, 2014

The Calgary Tower now features daily light shows each morning from 5 AM - sunrise and nightly light shows from dusk to midnight. The lighting system is capable of both static and dynamic display. 

The LED lighting system allows the Calgary Tower to celebrate national holidays such as Canada Day and Remembrance Day, cheer on our sports teams, support local festivals, and raise awareness of important causes.

There are three lights on the roof, 12 on the crown, and 24 each on the upper pod and lower pod. Each fixture has a unique IP address that can be programmed individually to produce over 16.5 million colours and lighting effects. The project took six weeks for installation and two weeks for testing.

One major benefit of upgrading to LEDs is their directional output; light can be controlled and directed in a manner that will improve the Tower’s appearance without interfering with nearby offices, hotels and residences. Another upside to LEDs is their lifespan; each unit is expected to last in excess of ten years, dramatically lowering the need for fixture replacement and maintenance. The new LEDs use 60% less energy than the previous lighting system. The Tower will also reduce the number of flame burns, using less natural gas and therefore reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

CTV News reported the launch of the new light show in the article New lighting brightening up Calgary Tower: